10 mistakes women make when dating

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(See #8) But it makes no sense to settle early for someone we’re not head over heels for.

And it never pays to settle for a man who isn’t cut out for marriage and/or fatherhood.10.

We Fail to Set Boundaries We find ourselves putting up with behaviors we swore we’d never tolerate. Yet we still don’t speak up for fear of rocking the boat (which is already leaky). This sends a clear message that we lack self-respect, thereby ensuring more bad treatment. It’s crucial to know that we can survive without the relationship, and may be called upon to do so. We Don’t Acknowledge Relationship Stagnation We should see growth, or forward movement, in any healthy relationship.

Increased intimacy, bonding, growing feelings of love and the desire to be permanently exclusive with our partner are the natural products of a compatible and promising relationship.

We Sell Ourselves Short You’ve heard the phrases – “We get the love we think we deserve” and “You are what you attract.” If we don’t believe that we deserve an attractive man of good character, we’re susceptible to attractive men of poor character.

We shouldn’t “throw good money after bad.”One set of studies found that as singles get older, they tend to “double down” with low quality prospects.

This is not entirely surprising – it reflects reduced options.

If we want a stable, long-term relationship, we need to actively filter for those traits in dating.3.

We Wait Too Long to Date Seriously There are a whole host of good reasons to find one’s life partner before the age of 30.

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