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But from the hard-nosed negotiations over Peaches’ column rates to the copy and picture approval I grudgingly agreed to, he was every inch the doting dad. Peaches, according to Bob, was ‘just a normal 14-year-old girl’ and should be treated as such.Yet we agreed a celebrity rate of considerably more than we’d have paid an unknown writer.‘Being cool is being intelligent and having something to say.’As a teen magazine editor, set to relaunch ELLEgirl as a fashion bible for 16 to 20-year-olds, I instinctively knew we had to ‘have’ Peaches.She totally summed up the high-achieving, ambitious nature of our readers.It was 11am and Peaches Geldof was now a full two hours late for her first photoshoot. ‘Passenger on board’ meant the shoot was back on track. A few minutes later, she appeared at the studio door with a posse of giggling friends, uniformly turned out with long hair, skinny jeans and ballet pumps.The team’s frustration was matched only by my nerves as I rang Peaches’ home number yet again. A car had been outside her house since 9am to bring her to the studio just five minutes around the corner. ‘Hi,’ Peaches said, self-consciously playing with her hair and swinging her bag.Sorry.’As she trailed off, smiling bashfully and a little uncertainly, I couldn’t help but laugh. Peaches’ younger sister Pixie suggested the impulsive wedding was a cry for help, while others have claimed it was a publicity stunt to promote Drummey’s band’s new album.

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Adult chat ire room-86

As the call came in, an excited hush fell over the office.Indeed she once wrote stingingly about spontaneous weddings, holding up as an example marriages that ‘last more than 55 hours (you know who you are, Britney Spears! At 14, though, Peaches was everything I could have wished for in an ELLEgirl poster girl.Stylish, outspoken, aspirational and with that all-important celebrity background, she was the perfect spokesperson for a new and intelligent fashion magazine that encouraged girls to ‘Dare to be different’.After he’d publicly taken teen magazines to task for being ‘predatory’ and a negative influence on young girls, including his daughters, I’d been moved to defend what I still believe was Sugar’s considered and responsible editorial platform.Party girl: Peaches, right, and sister Pixie at a film premiere with Sir Bob last year I was not going to be the favourite candidate to give his daughter her first commission.

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