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Pancho López and his family come up against financial difficulties: he has pledged his house as collateral for a loan that he ends up finding impossible to repay.Enzo Rinaldi (Pedro Moreno) plots to throw the López and their friends away.The López family accepts this offer reluctantly, and in their new neighborhood they meet the Irabién family consisting of three members: Vicente, Pina (Daniela Castro) and Freddy (Juan Diego Covarrubias).

Pepe López (Pablo Lyle), Pancho's eldest son, is a very courageous and adventurous young man.

He is the apprentice to a mechanical engineer and has a passion for driving.

He is able to transcend class barriers, communicating with all people with ease.

Vicente merely bides his time waiting for the death of his aunt and the inheritance that would come with it.

The dramatic change of scenery for the López family results in many humorous situations arising from the clashing of cultures between the rich and the poor.

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