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Green Informatics are ICT tools, services and technologies in combination with green practices and green behaviour either for the ICT sector industry or the ICT user/citizen that contribute not only to the protection and restoration of the environment but also to the enhancement of the quality of human life.

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Agricultural Informatics 2012 Conference Agrárinformatika 2012 Konferencia Innovative Information Technologies in Agriculture Innovatív információtechnológiák az agrárgazdaságban September, 2012, Debrecen, Hungary PROCEEDINGS KONFERENCIA KIADVÁNY Edited by Miklós HERDON Róbert SZILÁGYI I E-version (WWW) ISBN CD-ROM version ISBN Date of publishing: November 2012 Publisher: Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics, H-4032 Debrecen, Böszörményi str All rights reserved.

Green Informatics incorporate design techniques, construction techniques, the function and the information diffusion techniques and aim to the optimal environmental governance, in the interest of the natural environment and the natural resources regarding sustainability in combination to management of the energy requirements in a way that exploits the alternative energy sources.

Web technology and broadband Internet along with web-based projects are emerging in a fast pace in useful devices everywhere in our society and a huge amount of information move across the WWW worldwide (Andreopoulou, 2009).

Nowadays, ICT has introduced the convergence of e-services with broadband network infrastructure, wireless technologies and mobile devices.

The revolution of ICTs introduction in daily average life has also resulted in the increase of GHG, since the carbon footprint is continually increasing.

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