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Howard said he was looking at Bryan Cranston's Twitter feed. He read the tweet that Bryan put out about how he's not going to sign fan requested items anymore. He said he will do it in person but not through the mail.

But exactly how much smaller is his Sirius audience than the crowd of 7 million listeners he drew on terrestrial?

Stern is "not the pop-cultural force he once was" in radio, he's still up there with Guglielmo Marconi and Alan Freed, making him "one of the three most important men in history of radio -- and one of them invented it." As of November 2014, Abbey Klaassen is Director, Corporate Development & Strategy, Americas, at Dentsu Aegis Network.

Prior to that, she spent nearly 10 years at Advertising Age – first as a reporter, then Digital Editor, then Editor, and then finally Associate Publisher, Editorial and Audience.

He said Sirius has hired a third-party research company to get audience data on "certain things our advertisers would need." He wouldn't disclose the name of the research company but said the third-party data show 58% of subscribers listen to Mr. Sirius estimate A quick numbers crunch shows the 58% stat translates into 5 million Stern listeners: Take the 4.7 million Sirius subscribers, Mr.

Greenstein said, and consider that about two people listen per subscription -- that's 9.4 million listeners, which multiplied by 58% is about 5 million people.

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