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TGC is the largest fashion festival in history, held twice a year since August 2005 with a theme of "introducing Japanese girls’ culture to the world”.

Approximately 100 popular models will come up on the stage to show real Japanese style.

In fact, many of them are famous fashion models in Japan.

The event is open not only to buyers and journalists, but also to the general public.

The Executive Committee of Tokyo Girls Collection (Planning/Production: W TOKYO, Inc.) will hold the "24th TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2017 SPRING/SUMMER" (hereafter, TGC) at Yoyogi National First Gymnasium on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Key visuals provided by collaborating world-famous artist Yoshitaka Amano! We believe that “Female Hero, the symbol of women shining in society, exists in all women as a strong and beautiful world-changing force full of dreams and hope.” With such beliefs, we aim to “cast spotlights on everyone’s’ runway at TGC, the festival for Female Heroes overflowing with girl power.” The key-visuals will be provided by world-famous artist Yoshitaka Amano, known for his work with the Final Fantasy game series.

Most popular models in Japan will energize the stage of TGC 2017S/S. On Saturday, March 25, 2017, Yoyogi National First Gymnasium will be filled with "girl power" by the models, artists, guests, and the girls in the audience.

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While the outerwear was simple, the clothes underneath it were usually eye-catching, and wonderfully coordinated.

The key visual of this theme is a retro illustration which expresses the power, excitement and passion gushing out from girls who are addicted to fashion and music.

Enjoy the gorgeous stage unique to TGC, decorated with fashion show by number of popular models, live performances of highly acclaimed players, and special stages featuring distinguished guests!

【Admission fee】 -Arena platinum reserved seats: Advance ticket: JPY 15,500 (incl.

tax) / Original TGC novelty goods and pen light included -Reserved seats: Advance ticket - JPY 7,800 (including tax); Regular ticket - JPY 8,300 (including tax) / pen light included -Non-reserved seats: Advance ticket - 5,800 JPY (including tax); Regular ticket - 6,300JPY (including tax) / pen light included 【Advance ticket】 Reservation / sales begins at am, December 22 (Tue), 2015 *Sales ends when tickets are sold out <First round of advance sales> <The first round of advanced sales> -TGC Premium (Gold) pre-sales for members: Dec 22 (Tue), 2015 – Dec 25, 2015 (Fri) -TGC Premium (Normal) pre-sales for members: Dec 23 (Wed), 2015 – Dec 25, 2015 (Fri) -TGC newsletter members (The first): Dec 26 (Sat), 2015 – Jan 3, 2016 (Sun) -TGC Official LINE pre-sales (The first): Dec 26 (Sat), 2015 – Jan 3, 2016 (Sun) <The second round of advanced sales> -TGC newsletter members (The second): Jan 4 (Mon), 2016 – Jan 22, 2016 (Fri) -TGC Official LINE pre-sales (The second): Jan 4 (Mon), 2016 – Jan 22, 2016 (Fri) -Kyodo Tokyo pre-sales: Jan 4 (Mon), 2016 – Jan 22, 2016 (Fri) -Ticket Board pre-sales: Jan 4 (Mon), 2016 – Jan 22, 2016 (Fri) -Ticket Pia pre-sales for members: Jan 4 (Mon), 2016 – Jan 22, 2016 (Fri) -E Plus pre-sales: Jan 4 (Mon), 2016 – Jan 22, 2016 (Fri) -CN Playguide pre-sales: Jan 4 (Mon), 2016 – Jan 22, 2016 (Fri) -Yahoo ticket pre-sales: Jan 4 (Mon), 2016 – Jan 22, 2016 (Fri) <General ticket sales> -Reservation / sales begins at am, January 23 (Tue), 2016 *Sales ends when tickets are sold out Kozue Akimoto, Aya Asahina, Ashley, Mayuko Arisue, Yi Ran, Elaiza Ikeda, emma, Saya Kagawa, Mayuko Kawakita, Rikako Sakata, Arisa Sato, Yuki Shikanuma, Mai Shiraishi, Yua Shinkawa, Eri Tachibana, Akemi Darenogare, Naomi Trauden, Risa Nakamura, Maggy, Airi Matsui, Erika Matsumoto, Mai Miyagi, Ayaka Miyoshi, Arisa Yagi, Yuuki Yamamoto, and more gorgeous models will be joining. Ito-Yokado (Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd.), Win Job (Win Job Co, Ltd.), SHIBUYA109 (Tokyu Malls Development Corporation), Dr.ohhiras Kouso & Collagem (BIOBANK Co., Ltd.), NAILS UNIQUE (Nails Unique Of Japan Co., Ltd.), *Listed by rank in Japanese Alphabetical order.

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