Sxi cam live

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Getting to the point now where I need to return it to original vauxhall dealer before 12 month clutch warranty runs out. Other than clutch problem I would probably sum the car up as reasonable quality, stylish and value for money.However, Vauxhall dealerships leave a lot to be desired. the doors close with an encouraging thud (they are not the least bit tinny,unlike some other cars in the same class).The concept of the car is great and when it was the summer - It was fab...- Perhaps I should live in Cyprus instead of Southern England.. the problems we have had have been very minor and quickly resolved.The ignition system is badly designed and will fail, coil pack and crank shaft sensor are the particular weak points.this is compound by the inability of vauxhall dealer's diagnostic rigs to find these faults.

The dials and swtches are all to hand, the speedo and rev-counter are visable and on the model i have ( which is the 'design') it has, 'rain-detecting wipers' and light-sensitive headlights; which i beleave should be in every car, regardless of spec.We also provide a consultation service for troubleshooting problems with your existing fire protection system and for engineers who are in the planning stage of new projects. has been the authorized representatives for Metron, Inc, in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada since the early 1970s.In 1984 the original owner, Ken Cramer, handed over his company to the current owner, Tom Stolarski, after over 35 years selling and servicing fire pump controllers.the dealers will just replace parts unnecessarily and at the owner's expense till the fault is fixed by blind chance.Never reaches its indicated fuel consumption and weak engine design, needing regular spare parts.

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