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And the North American version was superior to the Japanese version with tuned controls, and two extra levels.There's truly nothing better than zipping up past an opponent with the grappling hook, and then dropping down behind them and performing a stealth move on him or her. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Synopsis: When it was released back in November of 1997, Super Puzzle Fighter II managed to steal away the lives of many gamers around North America.The game featured 10 very challenging levels of gameplay.Doug Perry's Take: What Tenchu did on the Play Station is bring the most authentic hardcore assassin style game into players hands without compromise.

In fact, based on studies of name recognition among young adults, Play Station is the most recognizable brand name in the area of interactive entertainment and only comes behind Coca-Cola and Nike on the overall scale of things.

Let's face it, Play Station is huge and it has earned its spot among the gaming elite, thanks to a variety of factors, including fantastic marketing, plenty of hype, and most of all, games.

And, there have been a whole lot of games for that matter.

David Smith's Take: Most of the Play Station's many RPGs are to be acclaimed for their immense personality and heart.

Games like Grandia, Lunar, and the Final Fantasies brought character to the fore in a manner that may have gotten its start on the SNES, but came to full flower in the 32-bit age.

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