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If you need your baseband preserved because you are on locked iphones and need the baseband to unlock with ultrasn0w then stay away from this and wait until the next version of redsn0w.For this jailbreak you will need to upgrade your jailbroken i Phone to i OS6.1.2 via i Tunes the regular way and then re-jailbreak your i OS device using evasi0n version 1.4.You’ll need to know whether your device is 64-bit or 32-bit.Remember, all these are recommendations based on current information.This will only work on iphones, ipads and ipod touch that are already on i OS 6 – i OS 6.1.2 This will work on: Connect your i OS device to i Tunes and upgrade to the lastest version via a restore.If you tried the upgrade button and the process fails – you will be offered a restore – which will restore the iphone to factory settings but at the latest i OS – this will more than likely happen on a previously jailbroken i Phone. Then you will be prompted to restore the last data back up. The process completes in i Tunes, now just finish the i Phone set-up on the actual device as below: If you are a OSX user on 10.8 control click/right click open to get around the Gatekeeper security issue. Otherwise – click on the jailbreak button: Let evasion carry on with the process on your device During the process you will be prompted by evasi0n to interact with the i Phone Find the Jailbreak app and click it This will complete the jailbreak process.What do they need to do to be able to upgrade to i OS 10.2 later, and keep their jailbreak for now?

It’s already better than the 10.1.1 beta, so there’s not much reason to stay on 10.1.1. I recommend this option.2) Stick on 10.0-10.1.1 permanently.This is just to make sure that in case something goes wrong during the update and your data gets wiped, you can restore it from the backup. As mentioned earlier, if you are not able to download i OS 9 via the OTA update, then you can update to i OS 9 officially using i Tunes.Before you go ahead with the process, make sure that the i Tunes you are using is updated to the latest version.Downgrade immediately to 10.2 if you want a jailbreak, before 10.2 stops being signed.There is no rumour of a jailbreak for any device on anything higher than 10.2.

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